TACO is performing with students from the Music Educators Workshop Ensemble (MEWE) at San Jose State University on Thursday evening, April 24th.  But you wonder, “TACO is a social sight-reading orchestra and does not perform!”

As a matter of fact, TACO musicians have enjoyed occasional public performances when the audience is guaranteed to be nonjudgmental and appreciative, like last summer’s TACO on the GREEN.  And like all TACO events, participation is optional.

Students in music education, as future teachers, must develop basic competency on a variety of instruments.  The Music Educator’s Workshop Ensemble gives college students the opportunity to develop such abilities. This concert is an opportunity for the members of MEWE to demonstrate their abilities to play a second instrument.  It’s a perfect venue for TACO musicians to share a concert stage with them.

Some TACO musicians will jump at this opportunity and others will simply chose not to participate. Some might prefer to be part of our nonjudgmental audience.  But many TACO musicians will appreciate an opportunity to challenge themselves with a performance. 

The reasons some musicians do not like to perform are varied:  shyness, performance anxiety, concern about not practicing enough, not wanting to be the center of attention, inability to stay focused while being distracted by the presence of an audience, and knowing that by performing you are setting yourself up to be judged.  A  TACO performance gives musicians a chance to confront their fears and vulnerabilities within a super safe, incredibly non-judgmental group.

As conductors, we will focus on the fun this opportunity gives us. Dressed in concert black and playing on a concert stage, we can still embrace the core values of TACO music-making:  No matter your age and skill level, it is possible to enjoy the process of making familiar and wonderful music as a group and sharing that process with others.

Join members of TACO and MEWE in concert at San Jose State Music Building Concert Hall, Thursday, April 24th at 7:30 pm.


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