TACO musicians gather on May 25th and June 29th for regular sessions to play marches, waltzes, symphonic favorites, jazzy tunes and orchestral arrangements of popular songs. Some of the planned rehearsal music will also be performed at a summer concert with the original Really Terrible Orchestra at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Each of the five so called “terrible” orchestras from around the United States have been invited to send three musicians to join the RTO at this concert. Edinburgh based RTO musicians and their families are offering home stays to the fifteen American musicians. The American musicians will participate in a rehearsal and concert with the RTO, which will be followed by a luncheon celebration the day after the concert.

Before the musicians leave for Scotland, TACO will host the Really Terrible String Orchestra (RTSO-SFBay) for a joint rehearsal of the Edinburgh music. This TACO-style event will be held on August 3rd in Los Altos. The RTO Fringe concert will occur on August 23 at the Canongate Church in Edinburgh and will not be available by satellite or TV for the general public. Tickets and details are available through the Fringe Festival web-site for those wishing to attend!

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