With much sadness, we have had to cancel our upcoming events surrounding the premier of new music by Nancy Bloomer Deussen and a composer’s roundtable, in collaboration of the Mountain View High School music students. Due to the current public health crisis, we also have to cancel our regular TACO gatherings until further notice.

I will send out an occasional newsletter with some links to interesting musical things to help keep us all engaged and keep our skills up, remind us that music can connect us to each other even if we’re not sitting in the same room together. Music helps us feel better during hard times, distracts us from the challenges of daily life, and lift our souls and heal our hearts.

Stay well and healthy, stay in touch with TACO through email or the contact page here or on our FaceBook page. Wishing you all the best through this most difficult time.

Cathy Humphers Smith, Director and Conductor

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