If you’re lucky enough to already know how to play an instrument or brave enough to want to learn to play an instrument, you’ll participate in one of the most effective ways to reduce stress: play music. Alone or with others, to play music is to transport yourself to a different place. Phone calls, health problems, bills, chores, arguments, work – it all fades into the background as you tune up and start to play an instrument. Focus on the pitch, the notes, the sounds you are making, the puzzle of putting a piece of music together and suddenly everything else is out of your mind. You are focused on something both simple and complex, beautiful and harmonious, that you are creating yourself.

Playing music with TACO is especially forgiving and stress-reducing. No one will judge you, no one will criticize you. We all carry enough criticism and judgment around with us all the time, we don’t need it from our music.

It takes bravery to learn an instrument as an adult. And if you are already competant on an instrument, it takes bravery to learn a second and third instrument as well. It takes compassion to accommodate our mistakes. It takes patience to accept that we don’t sound like the virtuosos we hear in our heads. It takes courage to expose our playing to others. It takes acceptance to play well with others, some who are more experienced and some who are just beginning.

Music is to enjoy, to create, to be in the moment, to focus, to breathe, to smile. You can do it alone and the stress around you will evaporate. And in the right environment, you can do it with others, like in TACO, where compassion and acceptance flourish. It takes a village to make an orchestra. TACO is a village where we actively practice acceptance and create a space for joyful music making.

I’m already feeling less stressed anticipating our next gathering and knowing how much I’ll enjoy it! Spring TACO sessions are April 26, May 31, and June 28. Join us!

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