This month TACO musicians will have the experience of playing two concerti, with two brave musicians from TACO playing the solo parts for each concerto. Our strings will play a piece composed by Antonio Vivaldi in the early 1700’s, Violin Concerto in G minor.  One of over 300 pieces that Vivaldi wrote for a solo instrument with strings, the melody of this concerto is familiar to many and each of the three movements present musicians with varied challenges.

The other is a contemporary piece written by Steven Verhelst called A Song for Japan. This music was originally written for a trombone ensemble as a charity project after the earthquake and tsunami of 2011. You can read more about the project at and listen to all kinds of ensembles from all over the world, playing this beautiful tune. Our version was arranged for trombone and orchestra by Yasunori Kanazawa.

The timing of our plan to play Fanfare for the Common Man makes a perfect tribute to Pete Seeger, an American folksinger who worked throughout his life to bridge the gap between performer and audience. He encouraged listeners to sing with him, showing the everyday person that they too could participate in making music. Pete Seeger’s philosophy contributed to the inspiration for our classical music orchestra for the common man.

Since the Fanfare for the Common Man was premiered by the Cinncinati Symphony Orchestra on the 12th of March, 1943 at income tax time, composer Aaron Copland’s response to this fact was to say, “I am all for honoring the common man at income tax time.”

TACO gathers next on February 23, 2014.  Join us!

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